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D3DX10CreateSprite returns E_FAIL

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My D3D10 application is working well on most computers. But on a computer of my friend (which has ATI card), D3DX10CreateSprite function returns E_FAIL. And This E_FAIL result is not even documented for that function on DX SDK.

So I made a very simple test application to see if it is my application's problem or other pc's problem. I am creating a device and calling D3DX10CreateSprite. It works on my pc (nvdia) and still returns E_FAIL on friend's PC (ati)

hr = D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain( NULL, g_driverType, NULL, 0, D3D10_SDK_VERSION, &sd, &g_pSwapChain, &g_pd3dDevice );

if( FAILED( hr ) ) return hr;

ID3DX10Sprite* pSprite;
int hr = D3DX10CreateSprite(g_pd3dDevice, 0, &pSprite);

if( FAILED( hr ) ) return hr;

Do you have any idea ?

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