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3D Collision and Navigation help

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Hey guys,

I have tons of rendering engine experience and have written a pretty solid system for handling it, in a project i'm working on, but now I need to do collision and navigation. I have not found very good information on doing this, most things are just like to detect shape x intersecting shape y or calculate a path form node a to node b.

How can I create a system so entities can move around on and plot paths on world geometry created by many meshes, is the standard way to have a collision mesh for each of these meshes that the entities raycast against? And if that is the standard way, how can I do pathfinding on these meshes? Do I need to generate all walkable nodes and move based on those?

Any help with this would be awesome!


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That's at least two complicated issues, that can be huge undertakings if you want them done well.

If you want collision detection and response done well and reasonably fast without a lot of prior experience, use a physics library for it, for example NVidia PhysX or similar. There are several free ones. If it's enough with collisions against static geometry and bounding spheres or similar and no advanced physics it's not all too hard to roll your own, but if you want more than that it is a very timeconsuming project. Search for sphere-sphere or box-box collision detection or similar and you should find plenty of resources.

I doubt there's any 'standard' way for entities to move around among many meshes, it all depends on what type of world you have and what behavior you're after. Is the world static or dynamic?
Try the AI forum, and make sure to include as detailed information as you can about what you want to achieve and in what environment.

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