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Why do meshes show up as bones in the Model class?

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[left]Hey. Right now I'm working on a 3D game and I've come across something very weird. When I created the model in Blender, I added an armature named "MyBone" to the stage and attached a cube ("MyCube") to it, so that when I move the armature, the cube moves with it. I exported this as an FBX and loaded it as a Model object. What I expected to see was:


But what I got was this:[/left][color="#4A4A4A"] [img][/img] [/color][left]

I'm really confused... Why is the mesh I created showing up in the bone list? and what's Root Node?[/left][left]Here are the .blend and .fbx files: [url=""]here[/url] or [url=""]here[/url].[/left][left]

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