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Aqua Costa

DirectX pointer and cache

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When a DirectX device/buffer/etc is created the functions return pointers that should be used to access those objects. So since the programmer has no control over where D3D objects are allocated when I call the functions that create those objects, when a function like:
[code] pDeviceContext->IASetIndexBuffer(m_pIndexBuffer, DXGI_FORMAT_R32_UINT, m_IndexBufferOffset);[/code]
is called what happens in the cache?
Are the objects pointed by pDeviceContext and m_pIndexBuffer fetched from memory to the cache

If so, since my game-specific-classes objects are all stored using a custom stack allocator and the D3D objects are most likely in a different region of memory will there be a lot of cache misses?

Some game object is loaded into cache to get a pointer to a D3D buffer.
Then cache as to be updated because the device context and the buffer are in a different region of memory

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