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3d game character creation

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Hi everyone. I'm a lone developer who is trying to create 3d games and don't know much about modelling softwares :). Currently i'm using tiny.x which comes with directx in my game for test purposes and i want to change it. So i need a software to create character model and animations easily since i don't need very complex animations, i just need walk and some punch and kick animations. Also it would be nice if it can export files as .x file. So far i've tried makehuman but i think it is too complex for my purpose and i had alot of problems when exporting it as .x and collada file from blender. Also i tried daz studio free edition but i think free edition doesn't support exporting animations to collada or maybe i couldn't do it. So i need help to create a character for my game with simple animations in minimum time. Thanks.

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