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drawing color tinted grayscale bitmaps

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I want to draw a grayscale bitmap multiplied with a color value. Let's say the color value is (r,g,b), and the value of a pixel in the grayscale bitmap is p, then (r*p/255,g*p/255,b*p/255) should be drawn for that pixel.

Another way of looking at it doing a polygon color fill, and using the grayscale bitmap as the alpha channel.

For each grayscale bitmap, I'd need to draw it in multiple "tints", each with a different color value.

An easy way to do this is creating multiple temporary textures, but it seems pretty inefficient and wasteful.

What's the best way to do this ? Is there a shader-less, single-pass solution ?

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[quote name='V-man' timestamp='1318837209' post='4873366']
Set the TexEnv state to GL_MODULATE and set the color with glColor.

Will try, thanks for the tip.

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