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IIT Kharagpur Robotics Event!

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[size=1]IIT Kharagpur ROBOTIX2012

[size=1]"Intelligence isthe art of good guesswork."[size=1]

[size=1]--[size=1]H.B. BARLOW, TheOxford Companion to the Mind

[size=1]Over the past few decades, the concept ofArtificial Intelligence has been one of the most celebrated and documented inthe fields of science and technology. The famous British scientist Alan Turingrevolutionized the concept of machines being able to think, which had earlierstrayed into philosophy, by introducing the notion of machines that could actin a manner quite indistinguishable from thinking entities. The search has beenfrantic to find a way to combine the awesome computing power of machines withthe ability to infer and imply autonomously. The real world applications ofsuch developments are enormous, ranging from internet security to databaseprocessing, from industrial efficiency to medical accuracy. Security agencieslike the NSA constantly monitor all electronic communications in order toprevent terrorist attacks. In fact, data scientists are the most sought afterprofessionals today![size=1] [size=1]

One of the pivotal aspects of Artificial Intelligence is Natural LanguageProcessing (NLP), which, as the name suggests, involves a range ofcomputational techniques to achieve human-like processing of the languages weuse to communicate. In keeping with its tradition of having problem statementsthat are innovative and practical, the online event of Robotix, for its 2012edition Echelon, aims at the extensive usage of basic NLP for practicalpurposes.

[size=1]Why should I participate? [size=1]

[font=Symbol][size=1]·[/font][size=1] [size=1]Because it is a uniqueproblem statement that you probably won't find elsewhere.

[font=Symbol][size=1]·[/font][size=1] [size=1]Because if you canimplement an approach that yields a good result, you could present it at adecent AI conference.

[font=Symbol][size=1]·[/font][size=1] [size=1]Because you stand achance of winning exciting cash prizes.


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