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[Help] Game GUI

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Hi broz,

I'm currently workin' on game GUI. Dialogs, Buttons, Combo Box etc.

I'm using ID3DXSprite (Screen Space). Am I on the r8 way ?

The class I'm using has 2 members 1 sprite ptr & 1 texture ptr. Should I use a container like std::list, std::vector to hold more texture ptrs ?

It'd b gr8 some1 xplain how does GUI of DXUT work specially indexing ? I understand nothing how to make [b]""[/b](DXSDK_DIR \ media)work.

--- G4meD3V

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1. Using ID3DXSprite is fine. A fast way would be to render textured quads, but as long as performance is fine, go with XSprites.

2.You definately should only use one Sprite object with multiple draw but only one begin/end calls in a frame (just in case you are not doing that already). Otherwise you will soon see performance issues. Storing more textures depends on if you need it - for buttons you could need an inactive, a mouse-over, a clicked, etc.. Texture. However using a container isn't necessary, just use multiple members if needed.

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