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Possible bug: as_compiler.cpp and duplicated branch in if/else

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I've found a duplicated branch for the if/else statement in [b]as_compiler.cpp[/b]. It's in line 8584 in AngelScript version 2.21.2:

if( ctx->property_get )
func = engine->scriptFunctions[ctx->property_get];
func = engine->scriptFunctions[ctx->property_get];[/code]
It's located inside else if( op == ttOpenBracket ) statement.

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No, it's not related. The problem that is causing the buildbot to fail is when compiling with -O2 flag on Linux 64bit. For some reason that I have yet to figure out, the gnuc compiler optimizations invalidates the code in the as_callfunc_x64_gcc.cpp file. I think I've managed to get it to work with returning normal floats or doubles, but it is still failing when returning a POD structure with floats. Like the vector3 structure that you're using in your project.

I believe it is just a minor adjustment that is needed to the code to protect it against the optimizations, but without a way to actually debug the code myself it has been very hard to figure out.

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