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FTGL, extremely slow rendering.

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Hi, me again.
Well been away for awhile, working on things. But one of the things i sorta left for awhile was the ability to render txt, looking around and finding the ftgl library.
So my problem isn't actually rendering the text with a .ttf, but that for some reason the rendering is extremely slow.
Here's an example of what i mean: (using FRAPS as the guide for fps)
With font rendering:


As you can see, quite the difference, just wondering on what might be causing such a drop? Surely font-rendering isn't that expensive?

Currently using [font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][color="#111111"][size=2]FTGLPixmapFont, using the "less expensive" methods i.e FTGLBitmapFont isn't really helping at all. A gain of only a couple of FPS.

Just to show you my main loop :

I am rendering my text inside that loop, as the idea is that the text will rendering certain values which will be updated. Any ideas what i could be doing wrong?

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I have the same problem,

On my initial research I found ftgl to be the best option, but later down the track realize that it is dead slow.

My gaming machine i7 with a GTX 285 gets only about 200fps with a full screen of text (and nothing else) with display lists turned on.

Another strange thing happens on my laptop, while loading fonts for the first time the load thread locks up for 6 seconds slowly consuming upto 350mb of ram (which it releases after its loaded)

Likewise using the blurry buffered font for speed only improves performance marginally.

I am about to go through the source and see why it is so slow to render, even with buffered fonts.

I will let you know what I find.

If all else fails using FreeType2 yourself to render into display lists isnt too difficult

This is old but should still be effective:

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