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Help with HGE font

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Hey guys! I need help with my code. Iam using HGE to my game. Iam using font to make the text "Life: " to be on the screen. But no "Life: " is on the screen when I start the game. I have lock on font.fnt and font.png and they are on the right place. I have followde on the HGE website how is done and I have friends how have work with HGE before. They don't understand way this done't work. Help me with this please.

The code:


#ifndef _GAME_
#define _GAME_
#include <hge.h>
#include "Player.h"
#include "Spawn.h"
#include "Enemy.h"

class Game
//Här hämntar den HGE till de andra klasserna
HGE* getHGE();
void setHGE(HGE* hge);
void Draw();
void Update();
Player* getPlayer();
Spawn* getSpawn();
Game* getGame();
static Game* getInstance();


static Game* m_instance;
//Den här ska finnas över allt på HGE. Men för att slippa att skriva över allt skrev jag den här.
HGE* hge;

//Skapar en spelare och får en pekare till den.
Player* player;

Spawn* spawn;

hgeFont *fnt;



#include "Game.h"
#include <hge.h>
#include "Player.h"
#include "Bullet.h"
#include "Spawn.h"
#include "Enemy.h"
//I Game skickar vi hge till allt och det är här själv spelet ska finnas. Den ska updateras i varje frame.
Game* Game::m_instance = 0;

fnt = new hgeFont("font1.fnt");
fnt->SetScale(1.0); //set text size to normal
fnt->SetColor(ARGB(255,255,0,0)); //set color of text

delete player;
delete spawn;

//Gör så att alla klasser får tag på hge
HGE* Game::getHGE()
return hge;

Game* Game::getInstance()
if (!m_instance)
m_instance = new Game();

return m_instance;

void Game::setHGE(HGE* hge)
player=new Player(hge);
spawn=new Spawn(player);

Player* Game::getPlayer()
return player;

Spawn* Game::getSpawn()
return spawn;

void Game::Draw()
fnt->printf(400, 300, HGETEXT_CENTER, "Life: ");
//fnt->Render(400, 300, HGETEXT_CENTER, "Life:"); //Skiver ut Life: Score

void Game::Update()
//Updaterar vad som händer i Spelaren.

//Detta är dessa update som updaterar fienderna
spawn->Update(hge, player);

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