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Chat Server- Better Way of interpreting commands?

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I am working on a chat program as an introduction to network programming in python, using the asyncore module. It is all working fine, but I want to make my command system better.This is how I handle commands like login,logout,look(see other people in the same chat room),etc.:

def handle(self, session, line):
'Handle a received line from a given session'
if not line.strip(): return
# Split off the command:
parts = line.split(' ', 1)
cmd = parts[0]
try: line = parts[1].strip()
except IndexError: line = ''
# Try to find a handler:
meth = getattr(self, 'do_'+cmd, None)
# Assume it's callable:
meth(session, line)
except TypeError:
# If it isn't, respond to the unknown command:
self.unknown(session, cmd)

It works fine if you use it the right way, but I want to make it more user-friendly by changing the way it works a bit. First off, whenever you want to send a message, you have to type "say " first, while most users would be accustomed to just typing something in and expecting the client to show it. I want to prefix all the commands with a "/" so when the user types in "/login heromal" they will login with the name heromal. Everything that isn't a command will be treated as general chatting(thereby eliminating the need for a say command, since you will say everything that isn't a command). How do most chat programs go about interpreting chat commands?
Here is the full code(about 200 lines so far):http://pastebin.com/0yjk666A

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