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[DX9] Drawing faces

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When a vertex buffer is drawn basically a bunch of triangles gets texturezied and put on the backbuffer. Are these triangles "connected" in anyway when drawing? Can there be a small crack between two triangles if two vertecies share the same position?

I ask because it seems to me that during animation some triangles are streched and some aren't. I am worried this may create cracks in the mesh.

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That depends on what kind of triangle data you have, whether your have indices or not and what kind of primitive type you're drawing.
Renders the specified vertices as a sequence of isolated triangles. Each group of three vertices defines a separate triangle.
Back-face culling is affected by the current winding-order render state.
Renders the vertices as a triangle strip. The backface-culling flag is automatically flipped on even-numbered triangles.
Renders the vertices as a triangle fan.[/source]
If you draw a a triangle list and you're not using vertex indices it could be possible for gaps to appear, but that depends on how it's animated. In all other cases you should be fine. If you don't see any gaps now, I doubt you have to worry.

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