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Frank Taylor

T e c h l o r d's Crude Collection of FPS Bots Behaviors

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Kamikaze : Relentless Pursuit and damaging Self Destruction to enemies at close range.
Scary-Kat: Relentless Full-Powered Attack close or long range, immediately followed by retreat to neareast barrier.
Ninja : Silent Attack (no Audio Triggers) and uses visual distortion, uses only close range single hit melee attacks.
Sniper : Seeks Barriers only attacking from long distance with improved accuracy.
Bowler : Attacks enemies by converting enemies into throwing projectiles upon contact.
Virus : Infects enemy mobs upon contact reproducing finite number of clones of itself and attacks with ranged weapons.
Boomer : Infects enemy mobs upon contact reproducing a finite number of clones of infected mob.
Backstabber: Relentless pursuit and attack when not facing enemy, retreats when faced.
Pawn : Only pursuits and attacks (melee) when enemy is adjacent with reduced defense, otherwise its frozen in place when directly faced with double defense.
Reverend : Heals weak friendlies.
Nemesis : Infects `corpses` upon contact reproducing finite number of clones of itself and attacks with ranged weapons.
Replicator: Consumes a finite number of weaker Enemies, Replicating.
Boulder : Great in Size|Speed|Both, Relentlessly pursuits Enemy with Devastating Melee Attacks, Weakens in Size/Speed/Both from Critical Damage.
Combiner: Combines with finite number of its own kind to meta-morph into a more power foe.
Blinker : Attacks various distances, Pauses for short time to Recharge/Reload, then Teleports.
Hydra :Great in Size|Speed|Both, Attacks from various distances, Replicates into finite number of copies with 1/2 Size/Speed/Both from Critical Damage.
Mad-Man : Relentless Attack, practically invincible with specific weak point that causes critical damage.

Please title and add yours to the collection. Thanks![/quote]

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