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Point to Point Sprite Motion

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Hey, Is there an easy way or a DirectX function to move a sprite from a certain point x1,y1 to x2,y2 without using trig functions or square roots after every frame? Like in Diablo where you click a point and the character walks in a straight line. What is the most effecient way to accomplish this? VK

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no need for trig at all -

say you want to move from x1 to x2 in T seconds/frames/whatever, so... Vx (the x velocity) = (x2 - x1)/T this is computed only once in the animation. Now, at every second/frame/whatever:

x += Vx (until x = x2) and
y += Vy

Of course, you may have to get a little more complex to account for fractional times, rounding errors, etc. But the point is that you don''t need trig anywhere in the algorithm at all.

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Not exactly what you are looking for but a little trick that can be used for certain effects...

Assume you have a sprite ''mySprite'' and you wish to move it to the position ''dest'' on the screen.

mySprite->xPos -= (mySprite->xPos - dest->xPos) / step;
mySprite->yPos -= (mySprite->yPos - dest->yPos) / step;

This produces movement such that the sprite decelerates as it moves towards the destination point. The higher the value of ''step'' the more time it takes to reach the destination point.


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