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Unity Having trouble with Ogre and Bullet

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Greetings again GameDev community.

I'm working on a project for university in which the aim is to make a fully featured game using any middleware we wish to use.
I have chosen to use OGRE for my rending and I am currently looking into different engines for my physics.

Currently I'm testing the Bullet physics engine which was fairly easy to setup but not so easy to configure, if that makes sense.

my testing environment is composed of a few cubes and q3dm1.bsp (from Quake 3).

I can pass the bsp into bullet which generates the physics world just fine. The collisions work just fine and the cubes bounce off the walls and floors.
The problem is that it is too "floaty".

One of my class mates pointed out that it could be to do with the scaling of the physics world, which makes sense considering that 1 unit = 1 meter in bullet. Wheras in Ogre it is whatever the programmer decides.
For this, I would say that my unit:meter ratio is currently governed by the Quake3 level which is loaded in.

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure how to go about scaling this. I have bullet physics "scaling the world" wiki page but that did not help.

A few of the things I have tried, such as scaling the gravity, met with undesired results.
Such as the cubes not settling on the floor, instead they are "wibbing" partly inside the floor trying to push themselves out.

I tried scaling the bsp to the physics engine units, but that made some of the brushes dissapear (as expected (too small)) and it still caused the "wibbing" of the cube.

To be perferctly honest, I am stumped and I don't know where to go from here short of scrapping testing Bullet.

Any ideas?

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