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Media storage solution

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So here's my situation: I've got my computer in the study. Boyfriend has his computer in another room using a big TV as its display. Then we have a "media server" downstairs using another big TV as its display.

All three computers are hardwired into a Gateway. (No router needed. One of those modems that has the multiple ports.. I'm assuming that's called a gateway)

All three computers are using Windows 7 Ultimate. Mine and my boyfriend's are using the 64-bit version and the one downstairs is using the 32-bit version.

1. Connectivity problems. - Frequently my boyfriend can't access files on the mediaserver.. and sometimes not on my computer either. Neither of us will change anything with the network settings.. it'll just stop working all of the sudden.

2. Storage problems. - Between the three computers we have 14 TB of storage (4 TB of which are on externals which I don't like). But with all the BluRays, 720p TV shows & Animes, Music, Photo albums, Software/E-books, Games, and large application/IDE suites, and some databases and caches of some large websites (and a pathetic attempt at backing things up (really just copying the contents of a drive here to another drive there, every once in awhile)) storage is still a big problem.

3. Organization problems. - See above.

I'm looking for the best all around solution. I'm willing to plunk down some cash. Up to a grand or so. Possibly 2 or 3 grand since my brother and friend would like to consolidate their media with mine for remote accessing and lack of redundancy beyond backup. (About 5-15 TB of media each) And they're willing to go in on the costs.

I remember in college seeing these servers in the computer labs where it was like a drawer filled with hard drives.

Or what about enclosures? What about network drives?

There are so many options and I know so little about them. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Check out the norco 20 bay hot swap SAS cases

You will need a SAS expander with 5 ports or a SAS controller with 5 internal ports (8087 ports)

I've built a number of these my first one years ago as a media server and they work great and are as economical as you can get. Here you can see between 3 of them there are just a few TB of storage

* this card comes with 8087 to sata breakout cables, you have to additionally purchase 5x 8087 to 8087 cables

* backplane for sata drives has 10 power plugs, get some splitters



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