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rotating a billboard?

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what i mean is that i got the codee to rotate the billboard toward the camera , but the billboard is allways in an upright direction , i want to be able to rotate it around the axis , to spin it but still face the camera

in the geometry shader

float3 up = float3(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);

float3 look = CameraPos - gIn[0].center;
look.y = 0.0f; // y-axis aligned, so project to xz-plane
look = normalize(look);
float3 right = cross(up, look);

float4x4 W;
W[0] = float4(right, 0.0f);
W[1] = float4(up, 0.0f);
W[2] = float4(look, 0.0f);
W[3] = float4(gIn[0].center , 1.0f);
float4x4 WVP = mul(W,ViewProjMatrix);

is it a simple case of doing W[0] = float4( cos(right.x * rotate amount )), sin (right.y * rotate amount ) , right.y, 0.0f);

do i cos(rotation amount * matrix position) or cos(rotation amount + matrix position)

cant figure it out , for each of the sin - sin and cos for the rotations

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Don't do it by trying to do it with rotations -- that ends in tears. Do it by passing in your modelview matrix as well as the MVP and extracting the basis vectors from that to construct your screenspace X and Y axes to make the billboard corners. Or you could just pass in those two vectors after computing them on the host processor.

That way it all "just works" and you don't faff around with angles at all.

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