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Hi, I wanted to introduce the game project I'm working on. I don't have a name for it yet, so I'm using "Hyloth" for the time being, which is a dungeon from the Ultima series (one of my inspirations).

It will be an RPG set in an alternate reality in medieval-ish times (not original at all, but this makes it easier to develop), with a bit of a twist. The original seed of a story was to think about how alien abductions would appear to a non-technologically advanced civilization (a bit of a spoiler, but I figure not too many people from the general public will look at this forum).

I want to have a focus on exploration and a compelling living/breathing game world. I'm trying to combine the things I miss about old RPGs but with the gameplay advances that have take place in the last 20 years. And hopefully beautiful (but not necessarily realistic) visuals.

After 14 years as a professional developer, I quit my job to start work on this, so hopefully I have the motivation to execute well and see it through to the end :-)

One of the key parts of the game for me will be making a beautiful outdoor environment and having nature tie in with gameplay. Mostly lately I've been working on visuals, specifically weather and wind. I'd like to show off a bit of what I've done:


In the past I've done some gameplay prototypes with basic 2d graphics. I hope to begin working on the core gameplay and combat soon, and maybe have a play-testable demo by early next year.

Currently I'm using XNA, so I hope to make this for PC and Xbox 360. If eventually I think I have something worthwhile though, I may port to a more cross-platform solution (e.g. Unity) in the future.

Let me know what you think!

I have a developer's blog at http://mtnphil.wordpress.com, and the main website for my one-person company is http://icefallgames.com. Not much there yet except a few random game design thoughts, and some screenshots from my prototypes.

IceFall Games

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