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OpenGL trash in minified textures

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Problem: I tried to generate mipmaps before textures had any useful data.
Solution: Turning off mipmapping made my saturday a good one!

On OpenGL 3.3, Ubuntu 11.04, nVidia drivers 280.13, GeForce GT240.

I'm making a deferred shader and wants to display my G-buffer in small screen aligned overlays in the lower part of the screen.
When rendering (one at a time) the G-buffers (FBO textures ) in full window they shows up correctly.
When rendering to the overlays I get trash (seemingly random GPU-memory as static interference, but different between runs, sometimes clear picture).

If I create a different texture, say from file, it shows without trash in the overlays, so that code should be OK.
Can anyone explain why? I have used glGenerateMipmap for the textures in the G-buffer.

I know this might be not enough information, but starts with this. Please ask about any relevant information.
Can the problem be related to FBO-rendering and mipmapping? Surely my code wants to show unreserved/uninitialized memory, but I don't know why.
Best regards from Mr. Desperate. :)

PS. The full-window green picture is my current result from the lighting stage, in resolution (256*256) to save GPU memory because of fat G-buffer.
Also, in the material shader (generating the G-buffer) I use "out vec4 fragment[3]", and the textures are of different internal formats. Can that be a problem?

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