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Patriot Pop

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[font="Verdana, sans-serif"]America the great as they say, yet flawed in many unpatriotic ways. We dethrone communist leaders for human rights, but stomp on a citizen’s constitutional rights. We provide food for many around the world and home, but when it comes to healthcare we leave or citizens to die. Politicians are portrayed as speaking for the people who they represent, yet ask for money from the cooperate one percent. We acknowledge religion in politics as it’s without flaw, yet doubt science that relies on critical thinking and backed with growing information. We encourage or citizens to work around the concept of money, but seem to have trouble controlling that plummeting dollar. [/font][font="Verdana, sans-serif"]

As America crumbles under its corruption and greed, we are left to assemble united as one. Take note when you are out protesting our failing government, that as long as we live under the weight of currency, Americans and all other nations will remain mentally children as they scream MINE MINE.



[font="Verdana, sans-serif"]

The objective of the game is to move the white, red, and blue balloons to the correct color buckets, while popping the green and yellow balloons. Controls are the left and right mouse button to shift the falling balloons left and right. Pop balloons using both left and right mouse button at the same time. Click on the Pop text when your at the title screen to play.


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