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Personal Text Based Project

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Hi there, my names Sean.

I've got a great love for video games and really enjoy playing them, i've also in the past dabbled in various languages such as PHP, Java and C#.

Now i've decided that i'd like to actually attempt making a game for myself but im not quite sure how to start.

I could go through countless tutorials on how to code but the problem is I know all about variables, statements etc Im not THAT much of a beginner.

The game i'd like to create is in short a 'life simulation' game but not starting overly complex for example:

You start on a blank 'world' (all text based mind not ASCII but written notifications of whats happening).

From here you can create things or choose to do actions etc and I can build out the game from there.

My main question is this:

I've chosen C# to be my platform, where should I start?

I hope i've explained well enough, i'll be back after lunch.

Thanks for reading,

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The first thing I would do is sketch out a design document detailing how you want the game to work. It's hard wrestling with code and design at the same time, so design clearly first, and code second. It's daunting to do the whole game, so maybe just do a specific feature at a time (I want rooms in the game, so this is what the code for a room should look like. Then code that feature and make sure it does what you want).

You could also work on the interface, but I think that that would be less interesting to start with, since there won't be any content yet. But the important thing os to write code. I doubt that you know all about variable types and statements or functions or inheritance or whatever else, but even if you do programming is less about grammar and syntax (though you still need those) and much much moreso about conceptualizing things in a practical way and then logically implementing them.

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Short answer: Just dive in!

From your description on the game, I would start with one of the following:

1 - Get a Console app up and running, start developing a system for displaying messages on the console and getting input from the user. This may entail a simple menu system ("Pick one of the following choices") or something more complex, depending on your vision.

2. Start creating the classes/data structures that will define the world and all of the objects inside of it (including the player). Start simple - adding complexity will be easier later on after you have something working.

The great thing about software is its malleability - worse case you will need to do major refactoring (and you most surely will, if a beginner), but you will still have the fundamentals and will have learned something. Also, you've chosen a forgiving language for this sort of thing.

Good luck!

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Hi, Sean! :)

I started learning from here: http://csharp.net-tutorials.com/classes/introduction/

I went through that tutorial making a simple text-only hack-and-slash.

Once I learned the basics, I kept going, asking people on here to critique my code. I learned as much, if not more, from people on here as I did with the tutorial.

Just like the FAQ in this forum says, you want to learn how to program first, then learn how to use your programming skills to make a "real" game. If you just want to learn how to make games, there are better options than learning to program.

Later, once you get to the place where you're using Lists for a lot of things, you'll find this page has some tips: http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/C_Sharp_List_and_ArrayList_Collections

Very rarely, I look at this guy's code to see how he did things: http://www.freewebs.com/campelmxna/tutorials.htm

That's all I had to get started and I've been programming in C# for less than a month now. I still can't make a "real" game yet, but I've had a lot of fun learning to program so far.

God luck!

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Thank you for all of your replies.

Well as mentioned i've dabbled in C# a little before and other OOP languages so its really about sticking to something and just going ahead with it.

In response to the FAQ question, I want to learn to code and make a game. I like coding and enjoy the experience even if it drives me insane to be looking things up 24/7. - I could just go play Little Big Planet and be happy that I have a 'game' but I want the malleability of coding and the knowledge thereafter.

I've now started my game (in the past I did the basic, calculator, guess the number etc) and as mentioned above im just diving in and getting as far as I can.

Currently I have a simple menu that pops up and the player class where i've been working on the things I already know how to do to get more proficient in remembering just 'how' to do the things i've learnt in the past.

Im mocking up a design doc as suggested so that I know where to go from there, and i'll be sure to keep you updated on progress or help requests (although the irc channel is very good for simple questions).

Thanks again,

Any inspiration or motivation welcome heh!

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