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OpenGL Clipping-System for large open world scens

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in order to our projekt i thinked about how could i create a open world with best performance and minimal to no
loading time for other areas when the player moves out of the current area. I created some clipping function that
prevents objekts from beeing drawn when theyre out of the current OpenGL-Bounds.

I dont understand how i could render a large terrain (out of an hightmap for now) without splitting it to performant rendered parts,
but also use my clipping function on it.

what can i do to get the best performant look for far areas like a city or something else when i see it at horizon?

Is there a good way to get additional these parts of my scene that arent clipped, because they are in the OpenGL bounds but are
full hidden by something else so that these objects havent to be rendered too? Edited by Shaarigan

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