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OpenGL Draw a circle on a terrain

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Hey there,

I'm making some tools to edit a terrain in real time, I used UDK and cryengine3 SDK once and i really liked the idea of a circle being projected into a terrain so you could see the parts of the terrain that will be elevated, something like this:,r:13,s:15

So i was thinking in a good way to do this, but I want some opinions...

First of all, my terrain is a mesh maded of triangles, so the idea was:
-Find the coordinate my mouse is pointing at, I was thinking of try to pick the triangles and check if I picked any of them, if i do i could read his coordinates with an openGL function
-After that I should find some adjacent triangles and check if some of their coordinates are still inside my circle, if they are I could calculate some coordinates from my circle to draw it

I believe there are better ways to do this, if that's true I would like to read some feedback, thank you.

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Use decals, for example ->

Just google for decals or search the forums and you'll find lots of resources.

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