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[DX11] Managing shaders/effects?

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I wrote my own effect framework for DX11 but now i'm not sure how to handle the increasing number of effects my application needs.

Just now i have:

Models that are textured/untextured
Models that are static/skinned
No lighting, directional lighting and point lighting
Shadow mapping

That's like a gazillion combination and i have no idea how to manage them?

On the shader side:
1) Should i use uber-shaders? If so, what's the difference between dynamic/static branching?
2) If i go with the uber-shader, how do i handle lighting? If i define a maximum of 3 lights per model, do i pass the light type to the shader and apply it using an if-statement?

for example:
for (int i = 0; i < MAX_LIGHTS; i++)
if (LightType == DIRECTIONAL)
else if (LightType == POINT)

On the application side:
1) Assuming i'm using an uber-shader, i'm guessing i have to build a set of flags required by every model and compile the shaders accordingly?
2) How do i precompile shaders?
3) What about effects that require more than one pass, for example a first pass to build a shadow map and a second one to apply it? (That is what a pass means right?)

Lots of questions... :(

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