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Help | 3D cubical/boxed world (c++)

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Hi everyone. (first thing is I hope this is the right forum, if not, please relocate).
I want to create a 3D life simulator in c++ that simulates, well, life.

I started looking into Irrlicht mixed with bullet, but I found it hard to generate the world.
The 3D representation part of the simulator is only a small part and I don't want to put much work to it.
I "only" need a 3D self generating world with ground, air and water (and preferably cliff and caves etc...) with the physics already embedded.

As for the beings I will put in are only cubical (box shaped) I have no need for smooth terrain.
Also, I don't need graphical effects like making the water move! just so there will be water (you know... sink, float ...).
Efficiency is waaaay more important for me then beauty in this thing.

(A very good example for what I need is an engine that will just create me a world like in Minecraft)

Does anyone please know of a way to do it in Irrlicht&bullet or knows of any other game engine that can do it?

Please help, I have been looking for how to do it for over 2 days now!


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You might take a look at these articles, in which a guy goes through his own process step by step.

That looks like a really good article.

As there are so many games out there implementing the very fundamental things I need I really hope to find
a ready to go source code/engine in which I can just do something like



Cube1.Velocity = X

anything close to that? (surely more functionality is need, but I hope you get the idea)

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