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Getting started with PlayN ( Develop for Java, Android, HTML5 and Flash with single source )

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Not sure how many people are aware of or interested inGoogle's PlayN framework, it is actually quite cool. Basically it is a Java based library that allows you to write Java code once, and then cross compile it to HTML5, Flash(*) and Java for Android and Desktop systems. It's a nice library with an absolutely horrible install system, until now.

Until recently the install process was so painful I had a hard time recommending it to non-hardcore Java developers. Now the project has been added to Maven Central and the install process is much cleaner and approachable for new developers. For those that are interestedI put together this guide that details getting up and going in either Eclipse or Netbeans. With this most recent release, the library is much more newbie friendly, so if you are considering targeting any of those platforms and you like Java, you should check it out.

(*) currently broken.

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