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OpenGL Some strangness in OpenGL 3.3 context creation

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Hello, everyone.

Recently i tried to understand the process of creation OpenGL 3.3 context. So if i understand it right, i need to create a dummy window, set it's pixel format, create a dummy context, fetch the function addresses (WGL), create new window and context with them, destroy the dummy context, destroy the old window.
Is this the correct steps?
If so, then there must something that i'm missing. I've attached a small sample (no dependencies, just the VS2010 project).
What i don't understand is that this sample works correctly (it just outputs the glGetString() info in the console) as it is. But if i check it under gDebugger or GLIntercept, they both show an error right after the first glGetString, which is not captured by the app itself (there is a check in it). More then that, gDebugger shows an access vialotion. I've tested this in ATI AMD 5400 (mobility) and ATI AMD 6870. I've tested already 3 driver versions starting from the newest one.

If someone could please take a look at this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Just in case, this is what GLIntercept 1.0.2 shows:
GL Intercept Log. Version : 1.02 Compile Date: Nov 5 2011 Run on: Tue Nov 08 11:46:38 2011

GL ERROR - Function glGetString(GL_VENDOR) generated error GL_INVALID_ENUM
Log End.[/quote]
And the full log:
GLIntercept version 1.02 Log generated on: Tue Nov 08 11:46:38 2011


----->wglCreateLayerContext(1C012D15,0)=00010001 =00010001
glGetString(GL_VENDOR)="ATI Technologies Inc." glGetError() = GL_INVALID_ENUM
glGetString(GL_RENDERER)="AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series"
glGetString(GL_VERSION)="3.3.11079 Core Profile Fo..."
wglDeleteContext(00010001)=true [/quote]
What is really strange is that the app itself doesn't receive that error when launched separately. Only when under GLIntercept.

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I have actually run into the same thing. I am not sure if it is worth stressing over, but I would like to know if I am doing something wrong. I have a GL error after the window is created before I've done any drawing of any kind.

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