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[Vec3] Unparalleled model sharing

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Introducing Vec3, A model viewing/sharing service that runs on all browsers and all operating systems.
Vec3 is currently in ALPHA development.

-Functions on all operating systems, all browsers; with no install
-Offsite embedding
-Ability to view textures and uv maps
-Model stats
-Normal Maps
-Easy and safe uploading
-Easy sharing
-Data compression
-Multiple textures

What does it look like?

I want to try it!
Random exceptional uploads:
ptail39.png (4.03 Mbs) ptail31.png (4.45 Mbs)

ptail34.png (10.78 Mbs)

ptail3.png (1.23 Mbs) ptail4.png (0.33 Mbs)

Most recent uploaded model:

How can I help you, help me?
Share your experience; or anything that you upload. Comment or provide a question/suggestion.
Help it spread by using it to showcase WIPs.

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We now have multiple texture support.


ptail77.png ptail78.png

-Fullscreen! (F10)
-New cursors and icons
-Error reports
-Replaced err thumbnails
-Misc tweaks

Beta is fast approaching.
Only one major feature left (greatly improve embedding)... Can any of you think of a major feature that you would like to see added? I'm going to make sure it runs well on mac/linux now.

Upload your shiny models for sharing today!

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