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Using ctime() and ofstream, wipes text after ctime()

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code explains more than my words ever will,

void File::Write(const char* stuff)
time_t *newTime;time(newTime);

the class File has a ofstream OutFile...

so if i use File::Write("lol");

it will wipe everything after the ">" character... i have no clue why.

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It may be because you are sending a ptr to time(...) that doesn't point to any valid storage memory, so time just overwrites that unallocated memory.

time_t new_time; time(&new_time); // is one way to go.

then, ... << ctime(&new_time) << ...

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One way is to populate a struct tm, then use the tm_sec field.

See 'man localtime' if you are on a posix system.

There are other (probably better ways to do this), but ->

time_t t1 = time(0);
struct tm *t = localtime(&t1);

cout << t->tm_sec;

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