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linking navmeshes between them.

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I'm having some trouble , and no ideeas yet, on how to link different triangle NavMeshes (or make connections between them) .

Here is a screnshot with 3 triangle Navmeshes - first in wireframe view :


... and here is the same scene from almost same point of view, ths time textured and lit :


...and 2 more screnshots again , wireframe view , with neighbour connections drawn between triangles,
please take a good look and you can notice that between red , brown and gray Navmeshes - there are NO CONNECTIONS :




[color="#8b0000"]OK,now go back please, and look at the very first picture .

My problem is that : I dont have no ideea on how to connect these three NavMeshes between them ?!

I know that i have to somehow connect those two "last stair" triangles with --> some triangle (or both triangles) wich belong to the GrayNavMesh .
Same thing , dont know how to connect those two triangles wich belong to the RedNavmesh with "first stair" 2 triangles ?

Thank you.

PS: still continuing my hobby :) on this, http://www.gamedev.net/topic/560218-funnel-algorithm/ , but lost my pass and had trouble with my email .. anyways, thank you.

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Why dont you make the whole stairs a ramp. 2 triangles. Each step itself can be used separately if you want the character to physically step on each step. Right now though, the AI only needs to know where it can step, not how to step. Whether you do that or not:

You will need to make a new triangle then that is touching both. So take your bottom floor, cut it where the stairs start. And then connect the edges. Especially when you think about it, you can really walk under the first 1 or 2 stairs, you might be able to duck under the 3rd or 4th. So you need at least some area under the stairs that is unwalkable, here you have the entire floor walkable.

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