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Help with software validation

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I'm about to finish my first commercial game and I'm concerned with piracy. First of all I want to say that I've looked for similar topics in the forum and I agree that providing service and rewarding the legit customer with extra content is the best approach but it is not sufficient for my case. I'm releasing the game in Brazilian market, which is well known for piracy. The general sense of avoid DRM will not work here. I'm not naive to think it will be piracy free. I just want to make it troublesome for one to make a copy of it. For instance, If just lay the files in the CD in a way that a customer can copy and paste it to a flash drive and install in any computer that obviously not working for me. On the other hand, if I have some sort of copy protection and validation it will not harm the legit user, since he is not trying to copy the CD, and inserting a code will not harm much either.

I want to hear for you that have much much more experience than me in releasing software/games what approaches I can take to minimize copy protection and perform validation. I've seen many software to come with a serial number, and then perform a validation either online or by phone. There are quite a few validation software that claim to do this at a reasonable cost and use their own server to do the validation. Is that a good approach?

Concerning copy protection I really don't know what to do. Is there a way to write something in a special track of the CD that the most common ripping software won't copy, perhaps a bad bit, or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

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