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TheGamerBoard, a social place for social gamers

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Here's a link to the site: TheGamerBoard
TheGamerBoard is a project that a couple of my friends and I have been working on for a while. As stated in the description, it is a social network for gamers.
It is in Alpha-Status at the moment.

It currently supports a whole profile page, complete with avatars, a bio, motto, and "Stat", a Board (see below), a [feed] (also see below), Groups, Favorites (Like a Facebook Page), a friend request system, a limited privacy system, and a private API that I coded (and am expanding on) for apps in the future.
If you look at any of the code, Formation is that API.

Galleries, a form of sharing images, are available, but the system is quite erroneous.
Your "Board" would be the equivalent of say a Facebook Wall.

The [feed] is your news feed, pretty much all the important stuff your friends are doing in one space.

The main page (that you will see upon going to the site) is the new Beta view. We are rolling out the view to the whole site here over the next few months.

The problem with it is (and you will see if you log in), that the colors are too bright. This will be fixed piece by piece as described above.

The project was submitted in it's first state to Utah's Ritchey State Science and Engineering Fair.
See Here: Science Fair Results

The Team and I got excellent.

I am Luke Bullard, in case you were wondering.

This was, however, in it's first state. It looked like crap back then...

Well, anyways, we have over 60 users (most of whom are inactive), but it is still a good site for communicating on when Facebook is blocked at school.

It was done from scratch in PHP.

What do you all think?

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