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Advice! Fast managed (C#) .NET texture processing.

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Hello All -

I am about to start development on a project where I am getting raw, 8 bit monochrome data from a medical instrument and then need to process the data using a pixel shader. I want to develop the application in WPF and have been looking for a way to quickly write the data to texture memory and from there use the shader to process and display it. I found the WriteableBitmap class in .NET, but was wondering if there is a better way to dump the data to texture memory. A managed would be nice, but if not I suppose I could some unmanaged code as well. I also just briefly looked at SlimDx which looks promissing as well.

Any advice anyone could share would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I should have mentioned, I do not want to take advantage of MIP maps, I just want to download the image data ASAP. My application will in effect be streaming data, so I want to receive a frame of the data, send it to texture memory, perform processing using a pixel shader, and display the processed image as a 2D image in a window, perhaps a D3DImage in WPF. It also need to make sure that the process image is not displayed while I'm still in the process of processing it to avoid any tears in the image.

The processed image will be displayed as a 2D image within a window. The key here is speed from host memory to texture memory to display memory.

Looking forward to any advice.

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