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Unity [web] Random Generation/Level Editor

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I’m a final year student studying web design and development. I have a keen interest in ActionScript 3.0 and random generation. I’m investigating how random generation can be used in conjunction with designer input. I would like to open my project to debate with the game developer community and I’ll be very grateful for your feedback and involvement.

The aim of my project is to create a resource/tool for developers which enables them to utilise random generation as part of the creative process of level design in flash/actionscript 3.0 games. This includes creating a level editor to tweak randomly generated levels until the designer is happy with the result. Random generation and an editor could improve games such as Arkandian Crusade (http://www.kongregat...kandian-crusade), Monsters' Den (http://www.kongregat...in/monsters-den), Flagstaff: Chapter One (http://www.kongregat...aff-chapter-one) and other flash games. This will include randomly generated 2D (tile based) dungeons/maps, a level editor including a tool to view the map from the players perspective.

As a potential developer using this tool, what elements and features would you like to see implemented? Any contributions and feedback are useful, even if you feel they are obvious.

Example of features listed below to guide discussion a little to begin with. Please add your own ideas and expand upon yours and others! (The more detail the better!) Features and tools for the level editor will also prove useful.

Walls, Floors, Doors, Rooms, Corridors
Themes and Setting
Objects and Items
Monsters (random verse placed)
NPC's and characters
Water / Lava
Naturally occurring resources (minerals, ores, plants)

Variables to control/tweak generator
Generator to produce random dungeons/maps
Tweaking maps produced by the random generator in the editor
Placing rooms/objects and having the random generator “fill in” the rest
Creating maps in the editor
Copy, Paste and Cut in level editor
Save / Load maps
Mini-map for larger levels so designer doesn’t get lost when using the editor
Exporting maps from the level editor to be used in your own projects (XML?)
Using the random generator directly with your own projects

You can also discuss game mechanics and storyline components, as it's related, though the main focus of this project will be on the generator, editor and saving/loading the levels produced.

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