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zoom in/out in using Drawing.Graphics

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Hey boys and girls, I've been struggling with this second day in a row so I do need help...
The situation:
Am using winForm;
In winForm I have panel or pictureBox;
Create a graphics out of them (i.e. panel.createGraphics());
Draw a bunch of lines and images using graphics.draw();
Now I want to zoom in and get it centralized;

Currently I am using graphics.scaleTransfrom() and even though it does gives me zoom in\out I can't seem find a way to make the center of the image in the center of control.

When using scaleTransform the coordinates doesn't change of draw figures so can't play with them..

Hope I explained it in understandable manner. ;)

To put it simply:
How to draw graphics in the center when using scaleTransform?
Is there a better approach to it?
I need precision (lines have to be float type);

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TranslateTransform by (-cx, -cy) so that the centre is located at the origin, then scale, then translate back.

Thanks, worked like a charm:

//move center point to center of image
gfx.TranslateTransform(pictureBox1.Width / 2, pictureBox1.Height / 2);
gfx.ScaleTransform(imageScale, imageScale);
//move image back
gfx.TranslateTransform(-pictureBox1.Width / 2, -pictureBox1.Height / 2);

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