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3d Open GL Game - How to fix a object to the camera =)

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[color="#DDA0DD"]Hi guys![img]http://cboard.cprogramming.com/images/smilies/redface.png[/img][/color][color="#DDA0DD"] I have successfully created a Player class which shows a player ( lovely cow! [img]http://cboard.cprogramming.com/images/smilies/redface.png[/img][/color][color="#4B0082"][color="#DDA0DD"] ). However, I wanted to make the player be static in the screen, since I wanted to create a racing-supermario like game. Basically what I have now is a camera that goes around but I want to stick it to the player mesh.

Here is some code:

[b]Camera look() function code[/b][/color]
[/color][CODE]void CCamera::Look(){
// Give openGL our camera position, then camera view, then camera up vector
gluLookAt(m_vPosition.x, m_vPosition.y, m_vPosition.z,
m_vView.x, m_vView.y, m_vView.z,
m_vUpVector.x, m_vUpVector.y, m_vUpVector.z);


[/color][CODE]#ifndef _PLAYER_H#define _PLAYER_H

#include "Model_3DS.h"

// This class was made to handle models created for player use.

class Player

Model_3DS playerModel;


void LoadPlayer(); //Method to load player mesh
void DrawPlayer(); //Method to draw player mesh

Player(); // Constructor
virtual ~Player();



[/color][CODE]#include "Player.h"

playerModel.scale = 3.0f;//Scale the model up
playerModel.pos.x = 250.0f;//Set the x position
playerModel.pos.y = 15;//Set the y position
playerModel.pos.z = 400.0f;//Set the z position



void Player::LoadPlayer(){
playerModel.Load("Data/3DS/SecondaryObjects/cow2.3ds"); // Load a 3ds model

void Player::DrawPlayer(){

playerModel.Draw();//Draw tree model

};[/CODE] [color="#4B0082"]
[color="#DDA0DD"]I was thinking that I should call the position of the camera in the player position, but I am not so sure how [/color][/color][color="#DDA0DD"][img]http://cboard.cprogramming.com/images/smilies/frown.png[/img]

[/color][color="#DDA0DD"]If somebody could give me a hand would be great!
Also, if you want to add me on skype so its quicker would be good too ^^: [/color][color="#DDA0DD"][b]natalieberrystraw is my skype[/b].

Thanks in advance! <3[/color]

[color="#9932CC"][b]Natalie xxx[/b][/color]

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Well without seeing the remaining code I cannot tell you exactly where to put this, but in a nutshell you'd have to change playerModel.pos whenever you update your camera position.

I guess you have some kind of update() or keyboard input handling method where you set the new camera values. There you might want to call a method like player.updatePosition(m_vPosition, m_vView) to put your cow to the respective position and rotate it as well (although the rotation is a bit trickier if you just know the vector and not the angles).

Let us know whether that helps or if you have further questions!

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