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Star Frontier

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Hi, my name is David and this is my last year in university. I'm about to develop a mobile game called Star Frontier (for both iPhone and Android devices).
The game is set in space and presented in comical style. In Star Frontier you'll control a spaceship with a very small crew: the Captain and the First Officer. Their mission is to visit boring worlds. Boring worlds are those which suspended communication years ago. These planets are mostly destroyed or depopulated. But on their last mission the situation gets hot. The solar system's sun is in it's final stage and about to explode in a supernova. Our heroes need to jump into light speed before the explosion reaches them. But their ship is really old and gains speed slowly.
Your task is to evade space refuses so the ship can gain speed continuously. Over time the spaceships's shield will charge up and protects it, but because the shield generator is old too, it won't last long. During the great escape the Captain and the First Officer will give you some good ... and some really bad advice, and from their conversations you will learn more about them, and their early life.
But development tools and resources are expensive and as a student I can't afford it. Therefore I started an IndieGoGo campaign page to fund the project.

Please visit the campaign page to learn more about my project: http://www.indiegogo.com/Star-Frontier

Thank you!

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