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i have several blend states depending on what i need , but these are pretty generail

below is an example off one , is there a web site that lists all the major ones so i not have to write them out , and maybee a few odd but good ones

D3D10_BLEND_DESC BlendState;
BlendState.AlphaToCoverageEnable = FALSE;
BlendState.BlendEnable[0] = TRUE;
BlendState.SrcBlend = D3D10_BLEND_SRC_ALPHA;
BlendState.DestBlend = D3D10_BLEND_ONE;
BlendState.BlendOp = D3D10_BLEND_OP_ADD;
BlendState.SrcBlendAlpha = D3D10_BLEND_ZERO;
BlendState.DestBlendAlpha = D3D10_BLEND_ZERO;
BlendState.BlendOpAlpha = D3D10_BLEND_OP_ADD;
BlendState.RenderTargetWriteMask[0] = D3D10_COLOR_WRITE_ENABLE_ALL;

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The blend mode structure can be represented as a small equation:[font="Courier New"]ShaderOut * SrcFactor [operation] RenderTarget * DstFactor[/font]

Your example configures this equation with the values:
[font="Courier New"]RenderTarget.rgb = ShaderOut.rgb * ShaderOut.a + RenderTarget.rgb * 1[/font]
[font="Courier New"]RenderTarget.a = ShaderOut.a * 0 + RenderTarget.a * 0[/font]

Which is equivalent to the HLSL code (assuming you could read from the render-target in HLSL):
[font="Courier New"]renderTarget.rgb += shaderOut.rgb * shaderOut.a;[/font]
[font="Courier New"]renderTarget.a = 0;
Once you're comfortable converting between this fixed structure/equation and the code that it represents, then you can easily turn small snippets of HLSL code into blend-modes instead.

I don't know if the mode you've given as an example has a common name (maybe "alpha additive"?), but the most common ones are:

Multiplicative: [font="Lucida Console"]ShaderOut * RenderTarget[/font] (srcFactor = dst, dstFactor = 0, operation = add)
Additive: [font="Lucida Console"]ShaderOut + RenderTarget[/font] (srcFactor = 1, dstFactor = 1, operation = add)
Subtractive: [font="Lucida Console"]ShaderOut - RenderTarget[/font] (srcFactor = 1, dstFactor = 1, operation = sub)
Alpha: [font="Lucida Console"]ShaderOut*ShaderOut.a + RenderTarget * 1-ShaderOut.a [/font](srcFactor = srcAlpha, dstFactor = InvSrcAlpha, operation = add)
Premultiplied Alpha: [font="Lucida Console"]ShaderOut + RenderTarget * 1-ShaderOut.a [/font](srcFactor = 1, dstFactor = InvSrcAlpha, operation = add)
Darker: [font="Lucida Console"]min(ShaderOut, RenderTarget)[/font][font="Arial"] (srcFactor = 1, dstFactor = 1, operation = min)[/font]
Lighter: [font="Lucida Console"]max(ShaderOut, RenderTarget)[/font][font="Arial"] (srcFactor = 1, dstFactor = 1, operation = max)[/font]

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