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Fitting 3D points representing bones to a BVH animation file

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I am developing a basic motion capture animation system and I want my data to be stored within a BVH file. At the moment I have measured the size of the actor so I can create the hierarchy of the BVH file. I also have points in 3D representing the relative positions and orientations of the middle of certain bones such as the lower leg, foot e.t.c.

I was wondering what the best approach would be to map the bones into the BVH motion frames. I have to take into account slight inaccuracies in the 3D positions, for instance the foot might be plotted in 3D space 1cm off the actual location in the realworld. I realise that by simply taking the hips as a base and measuring out its children might not work as expected due to these inaccuracies, the length of bones might not conform to the information provided to the initial hierarchy.

Furthermore I was wondering how to recover lost 3D points. For instance if I have the left foot and left thigh, is it possible to recover the estimated position of the left shin?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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