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OpenGL Bloom and/or HDR

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Okay. So my OpenGL 1.4 as I recently found out supports shaders, and GLSL 1.2 to be specific. I don't know the limitations quite yet, as I have an intel 950gma, but most things work fine on my card. Except for bloom/hdr. Bloom, when a standard shader is applied, throws me errors about 'i915_program_error: exceeded max instructions' or 'exceeded max nr indirect texture lookups'. Not even sure what that means.

The thing is, Unity worked just fine back when I had windows. I know it uses DirectX, but nevertheless, the effects are still the same. The blooming and lens flares worked fine, 60fps solid. What kind of techniques did unity use for light blooming that would work on my card without throwing these errors? Also, the effect works on embedded devices like the iPhone and Android, and I know they only support 1.2 or 1.4. Anyway, what did they do that is an apparent non-standard implementation of bloom?

Also, how to use HDR given my resources would be good, but I want to get bloom down first.

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