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Introduction to Developing?

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Hi guys,
I am not new to but I have made a new account in order to get more involved with the site. I have always been interested in playing games, but I have always wanted to be able to say to someone; " I made that game!", even if it's not a great game.
I could only imagine how much patience it takes to start developing a video game, but I sort of figured I won't be able to learn and create all in a day or two. I am a big fan of RPGs but I wouldn't know how to start something like that. I was thinking that it would make more sense to have a development binder, so over time, I can write things I want to put in my own game someday. This is more or less a side question; How would you recommend I organize that binder, in tabs? Thanks, that would help me out a lot.

General Question:

What advice can you give me on starting to learn the basics of creating and developing a game? What do I have to know in order to make a game, and how can I learn and master the things I have to know to make a game. I know of the topics like; Engines, Scripting, Programming, Modeling, and few things as such. But if someone could help me out and explain to me everything I need to know, what are some good beginner programs I could use to start learning more.

Thanks for your help,

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If you're doing this by yourself, you will need to know how to design and code programs using a graphics library of some kind and how to create the graphics you need (eg: make pixel art for a 2D game or models and textures for a 3D game). Those are the two basic abilities needed to make a very simple game by yourself. If you want to get started as fast as possible, I'd recommend learning C# and XNA. I've seen people go from nothing to something surprisingly fast with XNA. If you decide to try XNA, the following might help

To get started on c#, C# Station is decent.

Here are some simple tutorials XNA Development Tutorials

If you're interested in buying a book that can get you started on game stuff quickly, I recommend Learning XNA 3.0: XNA 3.0 Game Development for the PC, Xbox 360, and Zune

If your interested in getting deeper into programming and game design, I listed many resources that helped me in my most recent blog post here.

Good luck!

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