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Tips for thesis

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Hello, by tomorrow I have to have decided what I want to do for my thesis. The ideas I've had so far have either been to far away from computer science or to abstract to properly implement.

My latest idea however I think is doable. However I've run into a snag, I cant seem to find any resources on the topic. I believe this to be mainy because of the word combination is to common.
My idea is to try different techniques for NPC memory. For example, if you've played Oblivion you mights have killed someone in one city and immedietly gone to another town (possibly on horseback). Wghen you arive you are immedietly attacked by the guards who magically know whay youve done.

So how can this be done differently. Well I would like to try different ways that an NPC can remember what a player has done, and how these memories can propagate through the system.
My first thought was to implement a sort of inverse cluedo where you play a murderer covering your tracks by either killing those who know to much or pinning the killing on someone else by planting evidence that the NPCs can discover. How much of this vision that can be implemented remains to be seen, but I hope to implement atleast one of the methods.

Now if anyone can point me in the direction of some papers or other information related to this topic I would be very thankfull.


Ive found some sources now, among others Paul Resnicks work on reputation systems. Ive angled it more towards a reputation system where all NPCs can an opinion about the player which they can share amongst themselves.

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