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Android Games/Applications

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Which is the best option for Android, developing games or developing applications?

You'll need to clarify your question a bit if you want useful answers.

Games are a subset of applications.

Of course applications is a very broad term. It includes games, but also web browsers, email clients, VPN systems, word processors, video players, image processing, live wallpapers, OS modules, and plugins to tons of existing apps. There are many existing games out there, crafting a niche is hard; there are very few ... um... integrated systems for medical centers that allow tablet access to all patient medical records, including digital xrays and mri scans. Fill that niche and I'm sure you could make a fortune if you worked with the right groups and got the necessary certifications. Finding a profitable niche that you can reasonably fill is a complex business task.

As for what is best, that is not something anyone but you can answer.

Best in what way? Most helpful in transitioning from a beginner "hello world" into intermediate skill apps? Most likely for you to actually finish? Most useful in developing a portfolio for a real job someday? Most likely for you to put something on the app store? Most likely for you to get rich on ad revenue? Most likely for you to build a large corporation that it purchased by a mega-publisher allowing you to retire to your own personal island in the South Pacific? Best is an EXTREMELY subjective question.

What is best for me is probably not what is best for you. For example, I may have some experience with image processing that means I am uniquely positioned to write a new camera filter. Or I may have industry contacts that can give me access to certain popular brands. Or I may have a huge contact network that would allow me to build a contract development hub, or a contract testing center, or some other B2B company. All of these are "best" business plans for various people.

Care to refine your question?

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