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Wet Chess

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Hey guys, I thought I'd post the game I made for my graphics project at the University of Waterloo. Here is a link to the github page.


The manual contains a mini blog on the progress, and also implementations of various things such as shadows, ambient occlusion, and perlin noise. I've only tested it on linux machines, but I'm sure if you can get gtkmm, glew, lua, and glut for Mac and Windows it'll work fine. As a disclaimer, the point of the project was NOT the chess. The chess logic is broken, the graphics was the point of the project. I plan on adding reflections and refractions to the water, and also adding heat haze, better chess logic (probably going to use an open source one). Feel free to make suggestions and constructive criticisms!

Here is a screenshot of it: http://i.imgur.com/XSAyK.jpg

PS. You'll need a decent graphics card. Its GPU intensive. It works fine on my laptop though so you don't need a top notch card or anything, just a decent one.

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