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Been looking at ways to present this in a 'more professional' and 'process' way as have been previously described to do, and not just some 'man this is a damn good idea' way. It is an idea
on something hopefully someone actually enjoy's reading through it's concept. There are more idea's, and if you wish to know more just inbox or reply here.



GAME TYPE: First Person

PLOT: Future/Past Related

GENRE: Action/Adventure



Ø Screen begins to fade in slowly and focus in on what is seen

Ø Screen quickly flickers from left to right

All surroundings are of desolate proportions. Cars, buses and trains are demolished and are in complete ruin. Close by there is a subway entrance also ripped and torn apart...

Ø Screen shakes, blurs out then clears up

There are jolts of electricity surging from power lines flowing loose in the breeze.

Ø Screen displays standing up and looking ahead

A city skyline is in the distance and it is visually unbelievable. It appears to be devastated in areas by warfare.

Ø Screen focuses further in on the light and there is concrete cascading away like dust between the buildings

Ø Screen then looks up to the sky

The sky has a red gloom to it amongst all of it’s blackness.

Ø Screen now focuses back to the freeway

A hint of blue that’s shining from the streetlights lead a visible path all the way along the demolished freeway to the city.

Ø Screen looks down at the characters arms for the first time

Ø Screen presents the arms covered in a hi-tech type suit with lighting effects

There is a bright glow from the suits shoulders which is just enough light to see the landscape at a close distance.

Ø Screen now focuses on the right arm reaching around to feel what is strapped to the character

Ø A sword is then presented to the front of screen, and then screen focuses in on it

The blade is completely transparent; crystal clear like glass, with the handle of the sword covered in buttons.

There is something on the left arm vibrating and buzzing away which takes the focus off of the sword. It is another visible button.

Ø Screen focuses on characters right hand activating it

A holographic display is presented from the arm with clear images of the city ahead. There are indicators highlighting a beacon flashing away inside one of the city’s skyscrapers.

Ø Screen focuses on the right hand pressing the button and the images disappear


· The player has to head towards the city to find out what has happened in lead uptowards this awakening.

· They begin with minimal items and protection.

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Ok, so I have realised I forgot to go somewhere and thats to give some more 'spin' on what and where this has evolved from, and why it seems to
still want to come out of my brain. It is all about dream relations.

Main Character; they are in a coma after an operation that went wrong, and have people beside them everyday trying to help them through
and staying with them, yet they can't respond. But he is in a 'Dreamscape'. His name is Jade...still thinking about the last name so far.

He has awoken to the future, under full belief he is there for a reason. No other belief. Simply because it is that visually intense on his eyes
and believeable to him that he accepts it and moves on. His belief of the transportation there is to rise to the top and overcome barriers due to the suit; which is what he did in real life.

Combat; it is all First Person. In a previous post on a different area of these forums someone was saying that the characters sword is low-tech, and not hi-tech. Well for me
to clear that up, it is hi-tech, because the sword itself has different capablities and settings at it's disposal, controlled by different buttons at the players liking. Once gameplay
would take place, certain button allocation would simply change the mode of the style it is in...and it's appearance.

The sword has certain movement and techniques you could say on button assigning (samurai etc), and overall looks. It is not just a steel blade.

Guns; they will have the usual techniques like most games which are to zoom and blast away etc, so they are pretty easily explainable. Laser and plasma type weapons were stated
before I think anyway?? So, I still have those details at my side, which if anyone is interested will get to see.

As for Mechanics; this I guess I am confused by, but hopefully this describes it a bit better. The player has the option to hunt, be hunted, or just go and take it all down hell for leather
via main paths, various undergrounds ie subway paths, or take the silent route via hidden paths through forrest type locations all searchable by the player.

As for powers, this is a simple one. In a dream land everyone would love to have powers in a certain way right? Well this lad has those abilities once he progresses further into the game,
and in a way consider it like this; picture it as him assuming that in his dreams he already on one side of his brain thinks that he will never wake up and wants to be able to learn and live, so developing
certain skills are like him meeting a teacher onthe other side for example. Him learning how to walk for the first time. Growing as a human. Developing more and more as time goes on.

The ability of powers is for him in his mind to remain focused, and beat everything that comes his way with positivity on the dying side of his brain. And to the extent where he develops the final power
he is getting to the point of waking up from his coma. When the game gets to it's final levels, this is where he wins or loses, dream land or real life. Still not sure on that yet.

Hopefully there is a bit more of clarity idea wise in what I am trying to put across to people.

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You've fallen in some kind of pitfall, many other game designers have fallen into before. You start with a vision, a story, a movie... a trailer..., but the question is, where is the game ? :blink:

As always, story is important, but story without a game is still a story. When you take a story and put some kind of gameplay (FPS like...thingy) on top of it, your only chance to distinguish your game from others is over story, art, performance etc. , this is you compete with studios with several 100 employees working day and night on the next big blockbuster game probably based on an existing and already successful IP.

The other way is to distinguish your game from others by using some kind of new,fresh gameplay (i.e. minecraft) or a certain art style.

So, try to work out your game mechanisms , the dreamscape, the sword first. What is the player able to do in this world, how does it change the gameflow compared to existing FPS. Using a melee weapon , how will close combat work ?

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I agree with Ashman73. You seem like you have a decent concept but where is the gameplay? Are you still working that out? I'm wondering how combat will work; I'm wondering how his mental capcities meld with the gameplay; I'm wondering what you mean by "he can hunt or be hunted" which is a universal FPS element.

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The gameplay side of things, especially close combat, is familiar in the sense to Crysis, (far from the same), but the character has a cloakable device at their disposal. Therefore will be able
to 'hunt' their enemy then decide how to dispose. If they fail on hunting them down with either too much noise or missing their targets upon how they execute, they will then
have to deal with the reinforcements called in on them. They will only be able to succeed by finding cover etc, and waiting for their enemies to go out of alert mode, and will give them time to
come up with a new plan of attack.

Lighting plays a big part too. Too much light, enemies see you. No light, you and your cloak will be successful in your hunting. Slow walking/crouch will also make the player succeed.

The other thing that should standout is the 'plasma netting' idea. Picture Far Cry Instincts...we all know how that tree device worked at first but lost interest
after a while. Well for me it did...

This will be similar in setup elements, but as for applying the netting, well, that is more technical due to the device used. It can be used anywhere
whether it be in the subways, the forrest, the alleys in the city, it will work in all areas due to the players ability to obviously (A) aim and fire the device, and (B) walk
to where they want it to be lodged permantly and by looking towards it and (C) use the same setup button to enable the device. It is cloakable, and enemies will be unaware of it.

As for this sword idea; it seems to be the pitfall. The concept I get out of it is through my visions so I can see why it is a hard thing for people to understand. This thing is something
that can easily be deleted from this concept, even though I have explained that altering it's 'styles' will make it stand out, and by successfully hunting a person out silently then dealing with them
in the style they choose seemed like a decent idea. Even if the sword was to be taken out, there are obvious quick ways to replace it; hunting down the enemy for the first time, and acquiring their
plasma pistol/rifle and other weapons.

The picture that I can give of the world itself as an example; picture Tron (the lastest one), where Jeff Bridges stands out and looks at the metropolis and we as an audience see it. That should give
an idea of the type of feel that I am seeing where you have the bright lights of the city, and the bare surroundings of a wasteland. And to be quite clear; no, I don't want it to look like Tron. This is an
artistic type thing that I am presenting, and the world in itself is far more desolate and destroyed. And the city itself is of the futuristic type, but clearly different due to my descriptions. Well some of them so far.

I hope some of this come across a bit better now, which I might add are only just the start of the describing properly; I do have more ideas already mapped out and various ways of
re-describing it are always underway. Finally, I am aware that there are ways to define the story, which is where I am:

1. Write an overview 2. Write a history 3. Create a flowchart 4. Create sub-quests 5. Create character bios 6. Write interactions with non-player characters 7. Write cut-scenes 8. Write the storyboard script 9. Collaborate

So as you can see, I am starting to get the idea of how things need to be presented, and how the process should take place before actually launching the whole gameplan onto everyones eyes...unfortuantely I did that when I first subscribed here...that was a hit...don't you just love sarcasm :)

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