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[DirectX] Rotating a sprite relative to a fixed position

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I'm trying to rotate a textured quad like in the image below:


This is the code i'm using to rotate the arrow:

//copies the current square position to a new vector
moveTo = cursor;

//these 2 floats store the magnitude of each vector
part1 = D3DXVec3Length(&unit.pos);
part2 = D3DXVec3Length(&moveTo);

//tried to use both these formulae to calculate the angle
//angle = acos((D3DXVec3Dot(&unit.pos,&moveTo)/(part1 * part2)));
angle = atan2(moveTo.y,moveTo.x)- atan2(unit.pos.y,unit.pos.x);

D3DXMATRIX center, rotate, reposition;
//move to 0,0 -> Rotate -> reposition
world = center *rotate * reposition;

//just draws the primitive with the selected Texture


The problem is that the arrow rotates, ofc, relative to the origin instead of the position of the tank, so that if the arrow would be perpendicular to the tank, it is not. I'm probably missing something in my calculation, but i cannot figure out what's missin so that i can modify the behaviour of the rotation relative to the Tank.

The tanks are Dynamically created during the game.

Thanks in advance

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