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.NET Framework in Windows SDK

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A cooked hard drive in my laptop necessitated a replacement, so I'm re-installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (for C++) and the Windows and DirectX SDKs.

I noticed that the Windows 7 SDK automatically includes .NET Framework libraries, documentation, code snippets, etc. But I can decide not to install those if I wish. It saves me 2 GB hard drive space - which is a small fraction, but not insignificant of my total hard drive size. More importantly, I'm on a slow connection, so keeping it will add quite a bit of time to my download and installation time.

Is it necessary to include the .NET framework stuff, or can I forgo those components? I never recall having to install it before.

My development is primarily Windows programs (basic stuff, so I need the Win32 API) for Windows XP and Windows 7, as well as Windows game development - specifically including DirectX 9 graphics, DirectInput, DirectSound, and WinSock.


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The .net stuff is very useful in modern Windows application development.Furthermore, some APIs (like WPF and WCF) are only exposed as managed interfaces. If you can afford it space-wise, I would recommend installing the bits even though you wouldn't have immediate use for them.

Depending on where you live, you can ask a local Microsoft office to provide a disk for you that contains the SDK. Or ask a friend on a fast connection to burn the SDK image for you.

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