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Direct Input in XNA

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So, I've been developing a game in XNA and I've been trying to lay the foundation for my game before starting on the real meat and potatoes of the game itself and getting all of my game components in order. For the most part I think I'm almost ready to start with some actual gameplay, but I have one big unsightly brown spot in my game that I'd really like to be able to do something about, but cannot quite figure out how. I'd really like to implement direct input into my game being as I don't own an XBox controller myself, and I know that without it, I'm shooting myself in the foot because very few people do in general (at least as far as a PC game goes, obviously it isn't such a big deal if I produce an XBox version of my game, but at the moment I only have plans to release it as a PC game). I've read as much as I can about wrappers for XNA to access direct input, and have eyeballed a few wrappers for it, but cannot for the life of me find any worthwhile documentation on how it works, and as a result have sort of shelved the idea.In summary: has anybody worked at all with any wrappers like nuclex.input or soopah.xna.input or any other sort of direct input wrapper? Can anybody explain how they work or how I would go about making my own wrapper?

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