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MFC Question

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[color="#434343"][font="helvetica, arial, verdana,"]Okay, I'm still a fresh out of college programmer (only been doing it for 4 years), so I will try to be as descriptive as possible. I apologize now for anything that doesn't make sense, or if I'm even in the wrong place.

I've got a C++ project that using MFC to create forms. I have my main window, and inside it I have 7 tabs, one of them called "Send". On this tab I have several buttons and other controls. One button, the "Add" button, in it's properties, I have set to be the default button (the button I assume fires off when you press Enter). Now, when the form and tab is loaded, one button (the "Find File" button) has focus. Now, if I type in my textbox, and press Enter, my program shuts down (obviously not the effect I was going for). On top of that, I can't seem to find a way to make the "Add" button have focus upon starting the program. In the Send tab's constructor, I added:

CWnd* addEmailButton = GetDlgItem(IDC_ADD_EMAIL_TO_LIST);
[font="helvetica, arial, verdana,"]The problem is, when the GetDlgItem() is called, the first line in the function is:[/font]

[font="helvetica, arial, verdana,"]
[font="helvetica, arial, verdana,"] [/font]
[font="helvetica, arial, verdana,"][color="#434343"]Using Visual Studio, and mousing over m_hWnd, IntelliSense reports that it's unused. This, obviously, is causing the ASSERT to fail, and thus my program to crash. I would appreciate any and all help given to understand why exactly this is. Thank you.[/font]

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MFC is wrapping Win32 beneath. The usual flow of wrapper classes is thus:

Constructor, no valid HWND yet
Creating HWNDs
Running through a mapper function which actually assigns the HWND values to its members

In your OnInitDialog method the return value determines if you set the focus to a different control than the default one.

a) Add the SetFocus call to OnInitDialog
b) return FALSE to indicate that you set focus to a control

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